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Dr. Michael Steiner (CEO)
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Liability for Contents
The content and information on this website has been carefully checked. No liability is assumed and no guarantee is provided for the authenticity, accuracy or up-to-dateness of content or information. nanoSaar AG cannot be made liable for any loss(es) and/or damage(s) caused partially or entirely by content providers, even if proven deliberate or caused by negligence, pertaining to physical property or intellectual property damages that result from the use or failure to use information — damage caused by the use of faulty, inaccurate or incomplete data, for instance. nanoSaar AG reserves the right to modify, amend, remove or rescind some or all content at any time without prior notification. 

Nothing in this statement shall limit the liability of nanoSaar AG with regard to a) cardinal obligations, b) gross negligently or intentionally caused damages or c) injuries to life, body and health caused either by nanoSaar AG or by one of its representatives or persons used to perform an obligation of nanoSaar AG.

Liability for Links
The content of external websites to which we link directly or indirectly by means of hyperlinks or deep links is beyond our responsibility and does not constitute our own content. We had no knowledge of any illegal activities or content on said websites when the links were created. Because we exercise no control over the content of said websites, we distance ourselves from all content found on all linked websites that have been modified since links were created. Exclusively the providers of said linked websites can be held liable for their content and, in particular, damage(s) resulting from use of the website in question. If we become aware of illegal content on any linked website, we will delete the link in question.

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Legal impact of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability must be accepted as part of online service as stipulated in this document. If sections or clauses of this document should not comply, or no longer comply, or do not comply entirely with legal provisions, then all remaining sections/clauses and everything they represent remain valid.