Hemmelrath Nanotechnologies GmbH


Hemmelrath Nanotechnology GmbH (HNT) is based in Erlenbach/Germany.

The company is a joint venture between Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH (HTC) and nanoSaar AG.

HNT specializes in the production of paints & coating additives. The first product is Disbarit nano, a modified BaSO4 nanoparticle dispersion

Our exclusive MJR® nanotechnology production platform creates products with superior quality and significant economic advantages.


Disbarit nano

Bariumsulfate (Barite) is mainly known as white pigment (Blanc fixe, C.I Pigment White 21/22) or as X-Ray contrast agent for diagnostic purposes due to its high electron density.

In paint & coating applications Barite is able to improve the optical properties. The additive avoids the aggregation color pigments.

Conventional state-of-the-art production processes use Barite mainly in a powder form or as dispersed slurries. This approach generates high process costs in combination with poor particle homogeneities, different particle sizes and the need for high dispersing agent as well as wetting agent concentrations.

The HNT production process uses highly homogeneous MicroJet Reactor (MJR®) precipitated Disbarit nano in a de-salted and concentrated dispersion in combination with paint compatible surface modifiers. Process costs and COGS are significantly reduced.

Disbarit nano is a special nano dispersion additive for water-based paints and coatings. Recommended concentrations are 5 - 40%, calculated on total formulation.

Positive effects are

    • robust pigment stabilization
    • prevention of flocculation and sedimentation
    • higher deagglomeration efficiency
    • reduced additive costs
    • increased color strength
    • reduced viscosity of formulation
    • overall reduced processing costs
    • Applicable for all types of pigment dispersions, pastes or concentrates.

Pigment Stabilization with Disbarit nano



Disbarit nano Additive offers new Functionalities

Inert stabilization of nanoparticles for

    • organic pigments
    • inorganic pigments
    • silica derivates
    • fillers
    • Concentration of Disbarit nano suspension is 25%
    • about 90% less sterical additives possible
    • free of resin> 50% reduction of raw materials possible
    • > 50% reduction of additive side-effects possible


nanoCemtech GmbH


nanoCemtech GmbH is a joint venture between nanoSaar AG and Atlantic Capital GmbH in Hamburg.

nanoCemtech is a highly specialized producer of road/offroad stabilization products, concrete foundation additives, rapid-hardening additives, waterproof concrete additives, and many more products. Our exclusive MJR nanotechnology production platform provides superior product quality at a reasonable cost. nanoCemtech can also supply development services for customized nanoadditives.

A key benefit of our concrete nanoadditives lies in significantly enhanced compressive strength and tensile strength. For instance, high-quality concrete can be produced despite difficult conditions or subpar raw materials.


Main product range

NC CEM (for all types of cement)

NC Construction (for all types of  concrete)

NC Waterproof (for reduced water absorption)

NC Road (for soil stabilization and concrete roads)


Cement Production with NC CEM



Road Construction with NC Road



KD Omega Health GmbH


KD Omega Health is a joint venture between nanoSaar AG and KD Pharma GmbH.

KD Pharma has the best technology worldwide for omega-3 concentration, with purity as high as 99%.

This joint venture offers microencapsulated omega-3 products that are antioxidant and taste-masked with high bioavailability. We can manufacture a variety of omega-3 concentrations.

Microcapsule loading ranges from 12% to 16% of omega-3 in all.

Bulk solutions and off-the-shelf, white-label solutions are available. These products exhibit neither pill fatigue nor the unpleasant sensory experiences associated with most omega-3 oils.


Omega-3 Emulsions


Production:                MicroJet Reactor

Ingredients:               EPA/DHA

Emulsion:                    o/w

Stabilization:              Food grade emulsifiers

Droplet size:               50 nm – 5 µm (adjustable)

Load Factor:                50 % Omega-3

Application areas:      Nutritional Supplements


                                      Clinical Nutrition