Hemmelrath Nanotechnologies GmbH


Hemmelrath Nanotechnology GmbH (HNT) is based in Erlenbach/Germany.

The company is a joint venture between Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH (HTC) and nanoSaar AG. The Hemmelrath Group has a long history in the paint & coating industry, and focuses on OEM products for automotive companies. HTC provides advisory services to paint & coating companies in the field of the unique modular production technology, the MoFa philosophy. HTC plans and implements systems for the production of formula-based products that can lead to process cost reductions of up to 30%.

The JV company HNT combines the technologies of both parent companies and specializes in the production of paint & coating dispersion additives. The first products are Disbarit® nano Basic & Disbarit® nano Special, stable modified BaSO4 nanoparticle dispersions.


Disbarit® nano Basic for Paints & Coatings

Disbarit® nano Basic is a special nano-dispersion additive for water-based paint & coating systems. The recommended concentrations are 3 – 40 %, calculated based on total formulation.

Disbarit® nano Basic is an innovative low viscous suspension with 25 % modified barium sulfate in VE-water and contains electrosterically stabilized barium sulfate nanoparticles with a high stability at pH 4 – 11. The product demonstrates a high resistance to salts.

The Disbarit® nano Basic dispersion for pigment stabilization draws on the HNT Spacer technology, and offers significant benefits, allowing for up to 90% reduced steric additives. This leads to much better product quality and significant cost savings in the paint production process. The dispersion is free of resin and therefore offers many options for paint & coating companies.


Positive Effects and Application Areas

The positive effects of Disbarit® nano Basic can be observed in a number of important attributes:

    • Robust pigment stabilization
    • Prevention of flocculation and sedimentation
    • Optimized particle dispersion
    • Reduced additive costs
    • Increased color strength
    • Optimized stability of viscosity
    • Overall reduced processing costs

Disbarit® nano Basic can be applied to all aqueous dispersions, including pigment preparations, fillers, matting agents, etc.

    • Organic pigments, 100-400 nm pigment size
    • Inorganic pigments, 1-5 mm pigment size
    • Silicic acid derivatives
    • Fillers etc.




Benchmarking shows key advantage of Disbarit® nano Basic

Comparison of particle sizes of Disbarit® nano Basic vs. a conventional BaSO4 dispersion additive:


With our patented MJR® production process, we can guarantee a Disbarit® nano Basic particle size significant smaller than 250 nm.



Innovation decreases amounts of additive


The surplus of too many additives, such as wetting agents, dispersion media, amines and defoamers often results in negative side effects that are often difficult to manage in paint & coating formulas.

Disbarit® nano Basic demonstrates low side effects and offers an additive-saving alternative. The Disbarit® nano Basic concentrate can easily be mixed with water and pigments.




nanoCemtech GmbH


nanoCemtech GmbH is a joint venture between nanoSaar AG and Atlantic Capital GmbH in Hamburg.

nanoCemtech is a highly specialized producer of cement nano-additives, concrete nano-additives, mortar nano-additives, and road and off-road stabilization nano-additives.

Our exclusive MJR nanotechnology production platform creates superior product quality at reasonable costs.

nanoCemtech offers also development services for customized nano-additives on demand.

One of the main features of our nano-additives is the significant enhancement in compressive and bending tensile strength, e.g. allowing the production of high quality cement, concrete and mortar, even at difficult conditions or with poor raw materials.




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