MJR® Lab Machines


Small-scale lab machine

This basic machine is used for many everyday experiments and applications. Initial tasks such as precipitation, emulsification, and encapsulation in the R&D phase are executed using with this very versatile unit. This machine features micro gear pumps with high-precision flow rates, MJR® reactors with nozzle sizes ranging from 50 to 1500 µm, inlets for inert or reactive gases, and a software-controlled environment.


Large-scale lab machine

This unit was designed for R&D applications that require high pressure. We can generate differential pressure as high as 100 barg, resulting in substantially higher kinetic energy. This, in turn, triggers higher rates of acceleration of process fluids and increased turbulence during mixing, precipitation or emulsification.




MJR® Production Machines

Clean Room MJR® Production



Industrial MJR® Production



Production Capacity

The ease of scaling up production of micro/nano particles is key. Minor modifications to the MJR® setup enable a switch to large-scale production while maintaining the quality and particle properties achieved during lab-scale experiments. We use the lab setup to prepare microscale/nanoscale systems with volumes as high as 30 l/h for R&D purposes. Adjusting the flow rate can increase volume up to 600 l/h for production. We can easily meet considerable production demand thanks to these incremental increases.


In short, our patented MJR® technology has made it possible to produce micro/nano particles, emulsions, and encapsulations for a great many industrial applications.


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Available Lab and Production Machines

The following nanoproducts are available: