Company Profile

nanoSaar AG is the exclusive license owner of patented MJR (MicroJet Reactor) technology for non-pharmaceutical applications. MJR technology can produce emulsions, micro/nano particles, and encapsulations of a precisely defined size. Our MJR-Technology creates superior results compared to high-pressure homogenization, milling, batch processes and other technologies. A continuous, low-cost production process allows for practically unlimited industrial scale-up.

Our customers benefit from product-development services and setup of on-site MJR production capacity. We also offer in-house production services featuring our proprietary products as well as joint business opportunities in nanoapplications; licensing and joint-venture models are available.

Our business approach emphasizes commercialization of our economical, proprietary MJR production potential in the following industries: consumer goods, nutrition, cosmetics, flavors&fragrances, food&beverage, animal health, chemicals, fire retardants, foils&films, lubricants, wood protection, concrete, polymers, paints&coatings, glass, crop science, chemical, petrochemical, additives, biocides, catalyzers, solar cells, electronics, and water purification.


Gips-Schüle Research Award 2015


German Industry Innovation Award 2016


“Industriepreis” Award 2016








Winner for Environmentally Friendly Production of Organic Solar Cells.


 Finalists in the category Start-Up Companies.


Winner in the Category Microsystems Technology.


Company Structure

nanoSaar AG, the holding company, is located in Starnberg, Germany. It coordinates our business development and financing activities.

nanoSaar lab GmbH, our laboratory entity, is located in Überherrn, Germany. It conducts all customer projects and its own proprietary product-development projects.

nanoSaar Engineering markets our MJR machines for use in laboratories and on-site at customers’ production facilities.

nanoSaar Production manufactures our proprietary products. Industry-specific production options are available for various customers.

nanoSaar Ventures matches our product ideas with strong partners that have proven marketing&sales track records in their respective industries.




Organizational chart of nanoSaar AG.


Management Team




Dr. Michael Steiner


More than 30 years of international experience in chemical, consumer, and healthcare industries.

PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried near Munich.

Managing Partner with JSB-Partners (Boston/Munich).

Management consulting positions as senior partner and group leader of global Healthcare practice at Bain & Company (New York City) and The Boston Consulting Group (Munich/Boston).

Co-founder of the venture-capital company MPM Capital (Boston/San Francisco).





Dr. Stefan Hagemann


More than 25 years of international experience in management consulting (The Boston Consulting Group in Munich), private equity (Alchemy Partners in Frankfurt/London), venture capital (TTM Investor in Bonn/Munich), and hedge-fund management (Euvestor AG in Munich).

Focus on business development, M&A, finance, and IPOs in many different industries.

Various positions on executive and supervisory boards—such as CFO—at numerous portfolio companies.


 Business Sectors

nanoSaar uses its proprietary MJR technology in many sectors.


Comsumer Goods


Food & Beverage




Foils & Films









Wood Protection

Wood Protection




Flavors & Fragrances

Animal Health

Paints & Coatings


Fire Retardants

Fire and water




Selected Customers

We work with more and more customers in Europe, Asia, and the United States.















amore pacific


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